Friday, January 17, 2014

Click to Support S. 1950, the Comprehensive Veterans Health and Benefits and Military Retirement Pay Restoration Act of 2014

Please take a moment to click on this link: instantly send your 2 U.S. Senators and Congressman/Congresswoman your support for S. 1950, the Comprehensive Veterans Health and Benefits and Military Retirement Pay Restoration Act of 2014, which would provide:

*Fully restore military retirement cost-of-living adjustments that were outrageously reduced in the 2013 House-Senate budget agreement and the subsequent appropriations act.

*Extension of advance appropriations authority to more accounts (beyond health care) in Dept. of Veterans Affairs accounts to ensure that in any government shutdown environment in the future, veterans benefits payments would not be delayed or put in jeopardy.

*Authorization for in-state tuition rates at any public college or university for all student veterans using the new GI Bill, regardless of where they live.

*Honoring as veterans certain career Reserve members eligible for reserve retired pay.

*Authorization for Iraq and Afghanistan surviving spouses to the Post-9/11 GI Bill via the “Gunnery Sgt. John D. Fry Scholarship Program”.

*Retention of DIC by eligible widows who remarry at age 55.

*Improved care and services for veterans who who experienced military sexual trauma.

*Extension of VA health care enrollment opportunity for OIF-OEF veterans from 5 to 10 years.

*Renewal of the VOW to Hire Heroes Act veterans retraining assistance program.

*Requirement for more timely claims backlog reporting and new rules for VA reports on claims processing efforts, to increase transparency about the ongoing backlog problem.

*Improved treatment services for veterans

*An expansion of VA alternative medicine offerings and research, in response to concerns about overmedication of wounded veterans.

*A pilot project to expand dental care within the VA system.

*A two-year extension to the Veterans Training Assistance Program.

*An expansion of fertility services for service-injured veterans.

*Provide additional financial support to survivors of service members who die in the line of duty, as well as expanded access for them to GI Bill educational benefits.

*Solve a 2+-year stalemate in VA’s authority to lease facilities for health care treatment and other purposes.

..."These are but a few of the myriad provisions of this bill that would improve the lives, health, and prospects of veterans—especially the wounded, injured and ill—and their loved ones, if enacted into law." -DAV


SOURCES: DAV, Stars and Stripes, MOAA.


Waiting said...

The link to the DAV auto-letter page is brilliant. It doesn't take but a minute or two to send out the letters to your Senators and Representative. I strongly urge every veteran and family member to use this letter application and deluge your Congressmen. They may not read the letter personally but their staffer will keep track of the responses and numbers add up. The bigger the number the more they pay attention.

DAV is helping veterans help themselves. Please take advantage and let your voice be heard!

Unknown said...

Please support this bill honoring past present and future military veterans