Friday, April 22, 2011

Discussion of Potential New Neutraceutical Treatment at International CFS Conference

( -- A new neutraceutical of potential benefit to patients with Gulf War Illness, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS), Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and other related neuro-inflammatory disorders was met with interest at the recent international conference on CFS.

According to the manufacturer Algonot,:

NeuroProtek® is a unique all natural oral dietary supplement in a soft gel capsule, which may reduce symptoms of gut and brain inflammation and nerve damage. NeuroProtek® uses an exclusive combination of flavonoids, based on the scientific research of Dr. Theoharides M.D., PhD, which have shown to reduce oxidative stress and inflammation both in the gut and the brain. NeuroProtek® is formulated to maximize the anti-inflammatory affects of flavonoids while also overcoming any absorption obstacles. NeuroProtek® contains the flavonoids: Luteolin, Quercetin, and Rutin. Unique to Algonot’s formulations is olive kernel oil, a powerful anti-oxidant that is instrumental in helping the body absorb and delivery the dry flavonoids found in each soft gel capsule. NeuroProtek® is free of the following allergens: artificial colors or dyes, flavors or sweeteners, corn, eggs, fish, heavy metals, milk/casein, peanuts, preservatives, salt, shellfish, starch, sugar, tree nuts, wheat/gluten and yeast. Our ingredients are not obtained from beef or beef by-products.

Flavonoids are natural molecules found mostly in green plants and seeds. Unfortunately, our modern life diet contains progressively fewer flavonoids and those that are consumed are difficult to absorb because they do not dissolve in water. Under these conditions, the average person cannot consume enough to make a positive health difference. There are approximately 3,000 flavonoids. Of those, NeuroProtek® contains three:

Luteolin (Chamomile > 95% Pure) is one of the three flavonoids found in NeuroProtek® . Luteolin was incorporated in this formula after published papers showed it is important in the body: as a free radical scavenger, an agent in the prevention of inflammation, an immune system modulator and it mimics a normal compound that protects nerve damage.

Quercetin (Saphora Plant > 95% Pure) is a natural non-acidic (flavanoid) with potent anti-inflammatory capabilities. Quercetin is added to NeuroProtek® to help relieve the swelling associated from inflammatory disease and protect from further damage associated with mast cell activation. The Quercetin used in NeuroProtek® is obtained from the saphora plant. Algonot decisively choose not to use the more common and less expensive source of fava beans, which could cause hemolytic anemia, particularly in people of Mediterranean origin.

Rutin (Saphora Plant > 95% Pure) is a glycoside of the flavonoid Quercetin. Like quercetin, rutin is extracted from the saphora plant and is a non-acidic natural flavonoid that adds additional anti-inflammatory qualities. Rutin helps liberate quercetin in the intestine, making absorption easier. Rutin has been shown to be the strongest antioxidant in studies.

Olive Kernel Oil (Unprocessed, MicroFiltered) Olive kernel oil is a potent low-acidic anti-oxidant that can help repair damaged tissues. This unique oil (a lipid) plays an important role in NeuroProtek® as it is used to increase the absorbability of these flavonoids. We use only virgin olive seed oil from the island of Crete.

While some benefit may be noticed shortly after starting NeuroProtek, it may take 6-12 months before measurable benefits are observed . NeuroProtek® does not require a prescription. NeuroProtek is not a cure. NeuroProtek is not an analgesic.

People considering using NeuroProtek should consult their doctor. Please print this information or request a packet of information to be sent to your doctor

Initial studies have suggested that NeuroProtek may be beneficial to children with autism.  Anecdotal reports suggest it’s helpful in patients with a wide variety of neuro-inflammatory and neurodegenerative disorders, including CFS, MS, and more. 

Broader investigations are now being pursued, according to Algonot:

“Given the encouraging outcome of trials to date, applications for randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trials have been submitted by Dr. Theoharides to the National Institute of Health, and the Department of Defense.”

The cost is not cheap.  The recommended dose is:

“2 capsules per 20 kg (44 lbs) of body weight daily. This is the minimal recommended daily dose. One should not exceed 8 capsules per day regardless of weight.  The dosing schedule should be whatever is most appropriate for the person taking NeuroProtek®. For best results, doses maybe taken with meals and divided throughout the day.”

Thus, for a person weighing 175 pounds or greater, the full 8 capsules per day would be needed, requiring four 60-gelcap bottles for a 30-day supply.  The cost for four bottles is $150.35 (including shipping).    A shorter supply of one bottle of 60 gelcaps is $39 plus $6.95 shipping. 

Algonot has a generous refund policy, with a full refund within 45 days for up to four bottles if not totally satisfied. 

Of note, since this is a non-FDA approved neutraceutical, it is virtually certain that VA is unable to pay for it. 

If anyone with GWI or other Gulf War-related diseases decides to try NeuroProtek, please share a brief write-up of your experiences for publication here on 91outcomes

--Anthony Hardie

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