Wednesday, April 20, 2011

AP: New Guidelines Paving Way for Early Diagnosis, Possible Treatments for Cognitive Impairment Associated with Early Alzheimer’s Disease

( -  The Associated Press reports that new guidelines for Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) may help provide early diagnosis and treatment for the disease.  The criteria were developed by the National Institute on Aging and the Alzheimer’s Association. 

Many new diagnostic methods and tools are currently “in the pipeline,” along with possible treatments, says AP, though it’s reportedly too early to tell if they’ll be effective or useful.  

The earliest symptoms of AD include mild to moderate cognitive impairment, which is also one of the most frequent complaints among Gulf War Illness (GWI) patients.  According to AP:

“Marilyn Albert, a Johns Hopkins University researcher who led the [Alzheimer’s Disease] mild cognitive impairment panel, described this category as "people who have mild, progressive symptoms, changes in mental abilities, usually memory but not always memory" that stop short of full-blown dementia.”

If there is a relationship between AD and GWI, it remains unknown and speculative.

Read the full AP article here, which provides a fascinating insight into diagnostic methods and tools used in diagnosing the basis and possible diagnosis for cognitive impairment. 

--Anthony Hardie

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