Monday, October 7, 2013

VETERAN JOURNAL: Will VA reveal how shutdown will really affect veterans?

( - Today's Veteran Journal has an excellent article written by acclaimed journalist Jamie Reno, who often writes about Gulf War and many other veterans' issues.

In today's article, entitled, "Will VA reveal how shutdown will really affect veterans?", Reno asks tough questions, wondering aloud about how transparent VA will be during a hearing this week before the House Veterans' Affairs Committee (HVAC) related to the government shutdown's effect on veterans.

In the article, Reno quotes a letter from HVAC Chairman Rep. Jeff Miller (R-FL) to VA Secretary Eric Shinseki:

“Accordingly, as a minimum, please be prepared to discuss the following: 
1) the effect of a lapse in mandatory appropriation across all benefit programs, both in terms of timing and scope of payment interruptions; 
2) the effect of a lapse in discretionary appropriation on claims processing, to include decisions regarding overtime pay; and 
3) the apparent decision by the Administration to suspend international briefings to Congress, even if personnel providing those briefings are a) fully funded via advance appropriations or b) excepted personnel (either in active pay status or not).” 

For much more prelude on Wednesday's Congressional hearing, read the full article at:

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