Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Comments from 91outcomes Readers

In recognition of our Gulf War veterans, here’s comments sent to 91outcomes from two of them.



Thank God for Murray.  I've been watching her for some time, and have been in the same room with her in D.C.\

She's got this Vet's vote...   It's about time we got ONE of 'em on our side.  Love it, and her.

Please pass this to her.
W.T., CWO3, USN, (ret) Vietnam Vet--in Country '66, recipient of combat action ribbon. 

Could use a word to the big VA people whoever they
are that I'd like my ischemia claim moving before I die, and leave a widow...


“So much more than I could accomplish”

Mister Hardie,

   My name is J.A. and I also am a Desert Storm Veteran. I also was in Operation Just Cause when stationed with the 82 Airborne Division. As with many of our Veterans of the Gulf War I suffer from many ailments, but yet find myself in "The Battle after the War" with the Veterans Administration. My Appeal has been Rebutted from Washington to find itself back at Regional Office. Sometimes it is exhausting trying to fight the bureaucratic system that was established to help our Veterans, not to hinder them. I have met to many Veterans that just give up on the VA do to treatment, attitude and reluctant denial that they have experienced. A while back I started a Facebook Cause and Page called "Desert Storm Soldiers Exposed." I have helped many Veterans and I still will remain my drive, but you Sir have created something of what I could even fathom. As quickly I stumbled upon your site, I posted your link to my Cause.

   I would like to advise you of what I have gone through the last several years, but that would take to much of your honorable valued time. One year and about eighteen hours ago I became unemployable, to what was hard for me because I loved my job. Three months prior I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis by a private Neurologist after several visits and tests in about three months. For over a year I have been on all the medications to treat for MS by the VA, but yet kept my on a "Probable" MS status. That was until I had submitted the Private Doctors notes to Release of Records and shown a copy to my VA Neurologist did they finally place it as my diagnosis. That is just one of many issues that I had dealt with, and still do. I'm hoping with the return of my file to Washington, I will finally obtain what is just.

   I would like to thank you for dedication, advocacy and of course your Military Service.

J.A., Port Richey, Florida


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