Friday, May 5, 2017

Online Study of Gulf War Illness Treatments Tried Seeking Participants

( - May 5, 2017) -- An online study led by the University of California-San Diego is seeking 1991 Gulf War veteran participants.  

The study, composed of a series of online surveys, asks about treatments tried for Gulf War Illness -- not just what has helped, but also what has made symptoms worse.  

The study is funded by the Gulf War Illness Research Program (GWIRP), part of the Congressionally Directed Medical Research Programs funded and directed by Congress under the Department of Defense health program.  

Participation is done entirely online and can be completed from home.  There is a small financial incentive for completing each survey, but the most important aspect of participating is providing important information to medical researchers collecting an analyzing this data of what helps and also what makes 1991 Gulf War veterans with Gulf War Illness worse.  This in turn may assist other veterans also suffering from Gulf War Illness.

The study's recruitment information is as follows:


The UC San Diego Department of Medicine is looking for Gulf War veterans to participate in an online survey study to learn from the 25-year treatment experience of veterans affected by Gulf War illness.

The study involves up to 8 surveys. Surveys will take about 0.5-2 hours to complete, but you can start/stop at your convenience. 

$5 gift cards to either or Starbucks will be rewarded upon completion of each survey (up to $40 total).

Contact our office for more information: 1-858-558-4950, x210, x203, or x201 or



Unknown said...

I contacted this study. I spoke with the intake representative and was screened to participate. I was accepted, but I turned it down once I found out I was not allowed to get any copies of the notes from the study, not allowed to get copies of what would be entered into my medical files. YET the VA gets all copies of everything. So I asked about Privacy ACT/FOIA Request. I was told I could do so if I wished but no assurances that VA would release any of it because VA has the right to refuse due to the nature of the information when dealing with Psychological info and fear I would hurt myself or others. Yes thats what I was told.

91outcomes said...

Since this isn’t a VA study, is only an online survey, doesn’t collect/make treatment notes, and doesn’t have access to VA Heath records, you’re clearly talking about some other study and. It this one...