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         Exercise & ME/CFS: Post VO2 Max Testing Consult
"Brilliant." was the first comment posted on this second in the series on Exercise & ME/CFS. It focuses on the application of the VO2 Max testing results in the development of an exercise program for those afflicted with ME/CFS. One which will not over tax the body and result in a crash.

Dr Nancy Klimas explains the basic elements of the testing. Physiologist, Connie Sol conducts the post-testing consult and explains the design of a patient-specific exercise program.
The first video in the series "Exercise & ME/CFS: VO2 Max Testing Procedure" has garnered rave reviews from around the world
To view the videos go to: The Exercise Group.

As of July 29th, the Whittemore Peterson Institute ranks 6th overall and 1st within its region with 45,453 votes. They are currently 74,447 votes behind the leader and it would seem unlikely at this point that they can overcome that lead and win the first prize of $250,00. They are, however, well ahead of the second place organization and seem assured of winning the $100,000 regional award.
Currently, The National ME/FM Action Network ranks 3rd within its region with 6,908 votes. The first place award of $100,000 in their region appears attainable if they get the full, daily support of those afflicted with ME/CFS.

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Charles Taliaferro said...

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Jeff Christnagel said...

I have taken this test and the results are great. After a few months I was able to self monitor my pulse and control a lot of undesired stresses and pain.

Jeff Christnagel