Friday, September 24, 2010

New Initiative Seeks to Educate Consumers, Providers about Safe Use of Pain Therapies

Written by the American Pain Foundation

( - The American Pain Foundation (APF) is proud to launch PainSAFE™ (Pain Safety & Access For Everyone), a new initiative that educates people with pain and health care professionals about the appropriate and safe use of pain management therapies in an effort to reduce risk and improve access to quality pain care. 

What is PainSAFE?

PainSAFE is a web-based initiative that offers up-to-date information, practical resources and tools to inform consumers about pain treatment options and their safe use. It also includes a central hub of evidence-based information and practice-based tools for health care providers. PainSAFE was created with input from expert advisors, people living with pain and allied organizations to address safety related to all pain management therapies. The content of PainSAFE will continue to evolve and adapt as scientific and policy research uncovers new findings about pain treatment and safety and the real-world effects of recommended approaches.

How can PainSAFE help you?

Patient safety is a pressing health care challenge that affects millions of people. Pain management therapies provide significant benefits to people with pain but no treatment option – including the decision not to treat pain – is without risk.

PainSAFE can empower and educate both consumers and health care providers about the safe use of pain management therapies, thereby helping to reduce risk and improve access to quality pain care.

Learn more about PainSAFE

Visit PainSAFE at to explore the information and resources available to you. Spread the word. Share this with your family members, friends and your pain management team members.

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