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Maybe it’s Fibro? Free Webinar August 12th

Maybe It's Fibro?

“Maybe It's Fibro?”
The Fibro Experience: Perspectives from Peers and Nursing
Thursday, August 12th - 8 pm Eastern time

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Please join us on Thursday, August 12th at 8 pm Eastern time for a one-hour, live webinar, “Maybe It’s Fibro?” featuring guest speakers who will provide information on fibromyalgia and discuss the chronic widespread pain condition from the perspective of nurses and people living with fibro. We will explore:

  • self-management and coping strategies,

  • the concept of the nurse as an ally,

  • how a nurse’s training and role can advance patient care and management,

  • tips on what people living with fibro can do to aid in their pain management plan, and

  • hurdles, successes and much more.


Kim Dupree Jones, RN, PhD, FNP is an associate professor in the Schools of Nursing and Medicine at Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU) in Portland. She earned her bachelor’s degree in nursing from the University of Tennessee, her master’s and nurse practitioner endorsement from Emory University, Atlanta, and her doctorate in exercise physiology from OHSU. Kim has also completed a post-doctoral degree in neuroendocrine physiology. She is an international speaker for patients, clinicians and researchers investigating fibromyalgia and maintains a clinical practice at OHSU in which she evaluates and treats people with fibromyalgia. Kim currently is the president of the Fibromyalgia Information Foundation (www.myalgia.com), a non-profit organization whose aim is to disseminate scientifically sound fibromyalgia data.

Ashley Mahoney has been a volunteer advocate with the American Pain Foundation’s (APF) Action Network since its inception in 2006. Ashley was diagnosed as a college student with fibromyalgia and reflex sympathetic dystrophy in 2003. As a Georgia state leader for the Action Network, she works within the community as an activist for people living with pain. Ashley received her bachelor’s degree in communications from Reinhardt College, Waleska, Ga., and works in the insurance industry. She is a mother to a little boy and loves being a mom.

Mark Maginn, MSW, ACSW, volunteers as a California state leader for the APF Action Network. As a pain advocate, he provides information to the public and works on policy issues that arise in state and national government. Mark knows pain intimately as he has lived with fibromyalgia and other pain conditions including osteoarthritis, Bechet's disease and microscopic colitis for more than 30 years. He previously worked as a psychotherapist and adjunct professor of psychology, focusing on post-traumatic stress disorder. Mark’s pain prevents him from continuing to work as a psychotherapist and teacher, so he now writes poetry and is working on a memoir of his experience with pain. He has recently accepted an appointment to APF’s Pain Community Advisory Council (PCAC) which serves to advise the APF Board of Directors, CEO and staff to insure that the programs, actions and positions are guided by and grounded in the experiences of people who live with pain.

Carolyn Noel is APF’s project specialist working on fibromyalgia projects, the Military/Veterans Initiative and APF’s website. She is an APF Action Network state leader in Georgia and is a member of the steering committee of the Georgia Pain Initiative. Carolyn was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and other pain conditions including degenerative disc disease, six herniated discs, a traumatic brain injury, peripheral neuropathy, basilar artery migraines, sciatica and more following a 2002 car accident. She spent nearly five years in a wheelchair and is now walking again and shares her story of the many challenges and successes as a means of inspiration to others living with pain. Carolyn served for six years in the Marine Corps and advocates for her fellow veterans, military personnel and civilian pain patients alike, participating in numerous speaking engagements and media opportunities.

Space is limited so please register today.  Please note that registration is a two-step process.

  • Visit the registration page to being the process. Complete the registration questions and click the “Register” button.

  • Check your email for a message from ops@infiniteconferencing.com to confirm your registration. Be sure to check your junk or spam folders if you don’t receive the email.

  • After clicking the link in the confirmation email, you will receive a second email with links to access the webinar and a phone number to call at the scheduled day and time. Please make sure to run the system test before the webinar.

If you need assistance with registering, please contact us at webinar@painfoundation.org.

Thank you,
American Pain Foundation

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