Tuesday, June 9, 2009

DoD Congressionally Directed Medical Research Programs (CDMRP) -- FY09 Gulf War Illness Research Program -- Investigator-Initated Research Award


Through the FY09 Gulf War Illness Research Program (GWIRP), the Department of Defense's Congressionally Directed Medical Research Programs (CDMRP) solicits applications for the Investigator-Initiated Research Award.

The Investigator-Initiated Research Award contains the following key mechanism elements:

  • Supports new ideas in basic and clinical developmental research focusing on GWI.
  • Preliminary data are not required, and if provided, do not necessarily have to come from the GWI research field.
  • Clinical trials are not allowed under this mechanism.


Jun. 17, 2009 (REQUIRED pre-application - letter of intent);

Sep. 9, 2009 (invited full application).

The official announcement and description of this opportunity may be found on the funding agency's website:

Areas of Interest:

The Investigator-Initiated Research Award supports research focusing on the complex of symptoms known as Gulf War Illness, improving its diagnosis, and better understanding its pathobiology. It is intended to encourage basic or clinical developmental research aimed at identification of objective measures to distinguish ill from healthy veterans (e.g., biomarkers), or elucidate potential treatment targets for GWI. Studies that characterize chronic effects of neurotoxic exposures encountered during the Gulf War (and at comparable dosage) are also acceptable.

The GWIRP also seeks proposals that can contribute to improved diagnostic testing for GWI and/or improved understanding of its pathobiology. Particular areas of interest include research on objective indicators of biological processes or abnormalities in GWI associated with these areas:

  • Central nervous system structure and function
  • Central neuroinflammatory processes
  • Neuroendocrine measures
  • Autonomic nervous system function
  • Immune parameters
  • Indicators of chronic infection
  • Gastrointestinal complaints/symptoms
  • Genetic, genomic, proteomic, or metabolic characteristics

The Investigator-Initiated Research Award is designed to promote new ideas in Gulf War Illness research. Proposals are not required to include preliminary data; however, preliminary data may be used to support the objectives of a proposal. This data does not necessarily have to come from the GWI research field. Proposals not supported by preliminary data should be based on a sound scientific rationale and may reflect clinical observations or seek to evaluate in GWI discoveries made in relation to other chronic multi-symptom illnesses. Using either approach, however, the focus should be clearly on ill Gulf War veterans. It is the responsibility of the PI to clearly and explicitly articulate the project’s potential impact on GWI.

Disciplinary Category:
Medical - Basic Science; Medical - Clinical Science; Medical - Translational.

Applicant Type:

All individuals, regardless of ethnicity, nationality, or citizenship status, may apply as long as they are employed by, or affiliated with, an eligible institution. Eligible applicants for the Investigator-Initiated Research Award are independent investigators at all academic levels).

Award Amount:
The maximum funding for the award is $600,000 for direct costs. The maximum period of perfornance is three years.
Numerical value: $600,000

Funding Agency Contact:
Department of Defense
US Army Medical Research and Materiel Command, Commander
1077 Patchel Street (Building 1077)
Fort Detrick MD 21702-5024
Phone: 301-619-7079
Fax: 301-619-7792
Email: cdmrp.pa@det.amedd.army.mil


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