Monday, May 20, 2013

RENO DISPATCH: Gulf War Chemical Weapons Lawsuit Slowed

( - Award winning journalist Jamie Reno has an exclusive story today on the Reno Dispatch that the lawsuit related to chemical weapons exposures during the 1991 Gulf War has been slowed in the legal process.

According to Reno's reporting, the plaintiff's lead attorney, Gary Pitts, says:

"this case involves our war veterans and the ongoing threat to all of us of chemical weapons, and we're cautiously optimistic that the appellate courts will take a very hard look at the evidence in this case, and not come to the harsh result that Dr. Alarcon and the other veterans that can be proven to have mustard gas injuries cannot even have a trial on the matter with a jury in Texas," Pitts says. 
Pitts adds that there is "plenty of evidence to have a trial and win this case with any jury in Texas."

Read Reno's full story on what's happening with this important lawsuit here:

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