Friday, December 14, 2012

Oregon Veteran Responds to New GWI Research Findings

Written by Peter Greene, Gulf War Veteran, Portland, Ore.

I remember the chemical alarms going off while we were deployed forward to start our excursions across the border. We put on our gas masks and full MOPP gear in the insane heat until we were given the all clear. Every time we were told it was a false alarm. I was beginning to think that the alarms must have been defective (and made by the lowest bidder) but we had always been taught to trust the alarms and take precautions.

One time we received warning of a SCUD launch while we were out in the desert and ended up digging pits in our MOPP gear, all of us on the brink of dehydration. Thankfully it turned out to be a false alarm.

Before we were deployed forward my unit was stationed at King Fahd International Airport just north of Daharan. One night we got word of a SCUD launched towards our base and went to watch the fireworks while taking cover inside the concrete parking garage. The newly readied Patriot Missiles were at the south end of our base and we were anxious to see them at work. Sure enough we saw the Patriot missile streak up into the night sky and it ended in a huge explosion as it pulverized the SCUD almost directly over our heads. For all the fear of being gassed we didn't give a second thought to putting on our masks. Who knows what was in that SCUD missile that rained down all over the airport and adjacent town.

For years we have had to endure the ridicule and disbelief of everyone from our friends to our doctors and politicians. Finally the truth that we knew all along is coming out and being supported by hard science. 

Maybe now people will start to understand. Maybe now we can get the proper care from the medical community inside the VA. Maybe now we can get proper compensation for our disabilities.


SEE the full story on the new GWI research findings here.  

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