Wednesday, April 25, 2012

WWII D-Day Veteran Needs Our Help

( - Army WWII veteran Bob Strait, a veteran of WWII's famous and horrific D-Day invasion, helped our nation.  Today, after having been brutally attacked along with his wife of 65 years in a horrific home invasion, he needs our help.

Please, watch the short video below, then do whatever your heart tells you to do. 

The information in this video is accurate, and I, Anthony Hardie, publisher/author of this website,, have personally verified it, including with Snopes, Army Times, and KDAF-TV Dallas-Fort Worth at  

Again, please watch this short video. And then do whatever your heart tells you to do.  

-Anthony Hardie
Madison, Wis.


hcvemo said...

Thank you so much for telling what the Media chose to ignore. I so appreciate you for caring for our Veteran and his wife. I will share this, to be sure.

Dennis Paul Hamm said...

This is not right! Must we form again as the force we were? Do we have to rise in arms to face those in our Country who would do us harm, yes! This enemy wears no uniform, swears no allegiance,these people are terrorists. When the President can; as he claims to have, "kill" terrorists, we should protect our selfs from the same, and be served as he by the Medea. This is no "don't ask, don't tell" issue. wild boar.