Monday, March 7, 2011

Twenty Years Later: Gulf War Coalition Forces

Twenty years ago, military troops from thirty countries came together under a U.N. mandate to forcibly eject Iraqi troops from occupied Kuwait.

A fascinating  breakdown of those troops – almost 1 million in total – is available online from   Most, of course, came from the U.S., with almost 697,000 from our country alone.

However, few may remember that Saudi Arabia was second in troop contributions. At 100,000 troops participating in the Coalition, that was more than twice the number of the country in the #3 spot, the United Kingdom, with 45,400 troops.

Egypt, with 33,600 troops, and France, with 14,600, round out the top five.

You can view Gulf War Coalition troop data in a sorted spreadsheet, in a pie chart, or on a world map.

--Anthony Hardie

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