Saturday, March 19, 2011

91outcomes Hits New Milestone: 40,000 Visitors

91outcomes today hit a new milestone:  40,000 visitors to the website.

The website is unique in the world in that it focuses solely on health outcomes and news related to the 1991 Gulf War – thus the name, “91outcomes”.

The website had a slow start, as might be expected.  However, for the last seven months running, 91outcomes has averaged more than 5,000 visitors each month.

New 91outcomes postings are also Face-Tweeted – posted simultaneously to Facebook and Twitter to reach additional audiences.

As an example of 91outcomes’ growing reach, yesterday’s new article -- about VA’s seriously problematic “Veterans Health Initiative” training guide for clinicians that still focuses largely on telling doctors to downplay GWI to their patient’s through pages of “reassurance” messages – has already had over 400 unique Facebook users who viewed the story on Facebook and hundreds more on the webpage and a few more via Twitter.

We hope that VA is paying attention. Because it should be.

--Anthony Hardie

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