Thursday, January 27, 2011

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“Thank You for this web site it has helped so many veterans.  I am trying to stay positive about my current health condition.”  -K.H.


“Please let me know if this is a problem with other vets that were part of the Persian gulf war.  I was diagnosed about seven years ago with diabetes and have managed it very well with oral mediations.  Just recently out of the blue I get told by a VA doc my testosterone is critically low and I now need two testosterone shots a month, so I do it.  My body has reacted bad to the affects since testosterone is a natural sugar my diabetes is going out of control and they tell me I now have to be put on insulin.  This does not paint a pretty picture for any kind of future, and I am quite sure it is all do to the gulf war the shots the pesticides the fires and any chemical/biological exposure.  Thanks for the time you put in to this web site and the fact that you were there as well, looking forward to your reply.”    -J.S., CW2 U.S. Army Retired


“You have so eloquently captured the essence of what my life has been like in your most recent blog!  I will print it and use it to explain what Gulf War Illness is like for me.  Thank you!
“PS  You also scare the pants off me for the future.”


My name is J.D. I also am a GW vet. Currently I have an illness called sarcoidosis, I need to know if any other veterans are suffering with this illness and if so are they able to get compensated from the VA.   -J.D.


Unknown said...

good for you, what ace did you have up your sleeve that you were grant total disability, I too like many other gulf war vet get denial after denial from the VA for the same undiagnosed illnesses let me just list a few:
Muscle Atrophy due to unknown cause
Myopathy due to unknown cause
Neuropathy due to unknown cause
Polyneuropathy due to unknown cause
Myalgie due to unknown cause
Fatigue due to unknown cause
Cramps in calves due to unknown cause
Muscle Spasms due to unknown cause
these conditions have been present for 20 years and approx. 20 years trying to find answers.
I live in germany and have seen the top doctors here for muscle ilnesses and to this day even the best here can't explain what I have except to say it's
all medical evidence submitted and linked to gulf war and all undiagnosed illnesses claimed and know for the 10 time denied how much more evidence and how many more spinal taps / muscle biopsys
are needed to prove my case.
does the VA have a quota to meet each year to what they grant and what they deny.
This web site is good,
Don't leave the other veterans behind we all deserve the same treatment and compensation.
Why is it that the Veteran has to prove that these undiagnosed illnesses are military related when they have overwhelming medical evidence. shouldn't it be the other way that the VA has to prove it isn't military or Gulf War related or will the Government continue to deny what really went on over there.


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The temporomandibular joints connect your jaw to your skull.They are stabilized by muscles and ligaments that open and close your mouth.he annual veterans benefits bill passed by Congress this week and sent to the president for his signature planned measures contained special interest to Gulf War Veterans.