Saturday, July 10, 2010

Our Veterans Suffering Illnesses Related to Toxic Exposures Need Treatment Now !

Veterans for Common Sense:  Call Congress Today - Our Veterans Need Treatment !

Issue: Call Congress and voice your support for full funding for the Gulf War illness research program of the Department of Defense.  The military program is called the Congressionally Directed Medical Research Program, or CDMRP.

Veterans for Common Sense urges funding at the full $25 million level.

Background: Earlier this year, the Institute of Medicine (IOM) recognized the chronic multisymptom illness suffered by 250,000 Gulf War veterans due are to toxic exposures during Desert Shield and Desert Storm.  The Research Advisory Committee on Gulf War Veterans' Illness (RAC) reached the same scientific conclusion in 2008.  The IOM and RAC support research programs to develop treatments and hopefully preventions for both our veterans and our troops deployed overseas now.

Why is this important?  Many of these toxic exposures exist today.  By calling both the Washington and local offices of the senior Democratic and Republican members of the Appropriations Subcommittee deciding CPMR funding, you let them know that this illness is a huge problem suffered by real people who served our country. 

You've heard of the Iraq War Burn Pits?  We can't let another generation of veterans wait a decade for medical care.  Tell Congress to do the right thing for our veterans so we can have medical treatments for toxic exposures.

Who do I call? 

Please call two important Congressmen who will decide if Gulf War, Afghanistan War, and Iraq War veterans get the research and treatment they urgently need.


1. Chairman Norm Dicks, Washington, DC 202-225-5916; or, Tacoma, WA, at  253-593-6536.

2. Congressman Bill Young, ranking member, Washington 202-225-5961; or, St. Petersburg, FL 727-893-3191.

Thank you for calling today !
Veterans for Common Sense

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