Thursday, September 19, 2013

VA Seeking Enrollees for Gulf War Biorepository

The staff of this VA-funded project requested that I post the following here on 91outcomes.

They're not getting as many people enrolling as they need, which may jeapordize this study's continuation.



The Gulf War Veterans’ Illnesses Biorepository (GWVIB) brain bank is seeking Veterans of the 1990-1991 Gulf War who would like to participate in research about conditions affecting Gulf War Veterans.  Veterans enrolled in the GWVIB complete surveys about their health every six months or so, and upon their death, donate their brain and other body tissue for future Gulf War Veterans’ Illnesses research. 

Veterans can begin helping now by enrolling today, even though the tissue donation may occur many years from now.This will allow researchers to learn as much as possible about the health of an enrolled Veteran and how it may change over the years. 

All Veterans of the 1990-1991 Gulf War era living in the United States, regardless of whether they served in the Gulf region or are experiencing symptoms are eligible to participate in the GWVIB brain bank.   Your decision to donate can be changed at any time.

Biorepositories, also called bio-banks, collect and store human fluid and tissue samples. This is the first time that any study has tried to start a national biorepository for Gulf War Veterans. The study will find out how to best set up a Gulf War Veterans brain bank and to see if there are enough Veterans who will volunteer to participate.

Additional information about this study can be found at (

or by calling toll-free 855-561-7827.

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