Wednesday, August 14, 2013

RENO DISPATCH: Obama Administration Forsaking Gulf War Veterans, Earns Grade of "F"

"[Obama] gets an F for his treatment of Gulf War veterans...."

(  - Aug. 14, 2013) - In an analysis of the Obama Administration and its efforts for veterans, today's Reno Dispatch column from award-winning journalist Jamie Reno had this to say today:

"Obama has clearly worked hard trying to fix this broken disability claims process and to assist veterans in other areas. But has he done enough? No. Is he minimizing the ongoing problems at VA? Yes, especially for Gulf War veterans, who this administration has virtually forsaken. Just weeks ago, VA Secretary Eric Shinseki, who of course is an Obama appointee, gutted the Research Advisory Committee on Gulf War Illness, an independent board mandated by Congress in 1998. 
"Shinseki, who'd previously shown unwavering support for the committee, reversed course for no legitimate reason, firing or removing the committee's chair and half the panel. This shocked and angered many veteran advocates who speak out for the 250,000 Gulf War veterans who've still not yet been treated for Gulf War Illness."

The article, which details claims issues, mental healthcare, and treatment of Vietnam veterans exposed to Agent Orange, concludes the following:

"While he gets an F for his treatment of Gulf War veterans, overall I'd give him a C-. Or, perhaps more accurately, an incomplete." 

Read the full article here, which is well worth the quick read.  

-Anthony Hardie,

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