Monday, October 15, 2012

Utah Sleep Study Seeking ill Gulf War Veteran Participants

A new medical study aimed at improving ill Gulf War veterans' quality of sleep is currently seeking study participants in Utah. maintains a database of federal medical research studies.  Here's the listing of those related to Gulf War Illness and Gulf War veterans:


The following information has been provided by the researchers:

CDMRP funded study, “Investigating clinical benefits of a novel sleep-focused mind-body program on Gulf War Illness (GWI) symptoms: An exploratory randomized controlled trial”, is now recruiting in Salt Lake City, UT.

The George E. Wahlen Department of Veterans Affairs Salt Lake City Health Care System in together with the University of Utah is conducting an IRB approved research study comparing the efficacy of two intervention programs: a sleep-education program and Mind-Body Bridging (MBB) on the management of sleep disturbance in combination with other co-morbid symptoms in GW Veterans. 

We are recruiting Veterans from the Persian Gulf War (Deseret Storm) who are 38-80 years old and who are suffering from sleep disturbance as well as other Gulf War Illness symptoms.

The study will involve subjects participating in one of the intervention programs as well as receiving medical and psychological evaluations, filling out various questionnaires, sleep diaries, and providing saliva samples. Following pre-treatment evaluation, eligible subjects will be enrolled in this study. 

Each program will consist of 3 weekly sessions. We will assess participants at pre-treatment, during treatment, post-treatment and 2 month-follow-up. 

Participants in the study will be compensated for their time.

Please contact us if you have any questions or you are interested in participating in the study. We can be reached by phone at (801) 585-7697 or by email at .

More detailed information on this study is available at
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