Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Boston Acupuncture study looking for more vets with Gulf War Illness

The article below is from Stars and Stripes.


Acupuncture study looking for more vets with Gulf War Syndrome

WASHINGTON — Army officials recently gave a six-month extension to researchers investigating whether acupuncture can be effective in treating Gulf War Syndrome. Now, the study is looking for 30 more veterans to take part in the effort.
Lisa Conboy, co-director of research at the New England School of Acupuncture and a coordinator for the study, said the results of the three-year study still have to be finalized, but officials have seen positive feedback on the treatments.
About 120 veterans have taken part, undergoing acupuncture treatments to evaluate their effect on managing headaches, muscle soreness and other pain associated with the controversial disorder.
Conboy said she has noticed in recent years a larger willingness by military and veterans officials to consider alternative medicine such as acupuncture, a development she said is encouraging for patients seeking pain relief. Researchers are hopeful their final results will reinforce that progress.
The 30 new volunteers must live in the Northeast and suffer from Gulf War Syndrome. Veterans can apply by calling 617-558-1788 ext. 269 or emailing dodgwi@nesa.edu


Anonymous said...

Be prepared to be disappointed and frustrated due to the fact that they know nothing about GWI. This is my experience when I went through the screening process about a year ago and only to be told at the last minute that I was going to be put on a 6 month waiting list. This was after I had made all the arrangements to be in the area for the allotted time of the study.
So they will never get me to volunteer for this study.

Lisa Conboy said...

Hi Matt.

This is Lisa Conboy the lead scientist on the study. I am sorry for your frustration but you must have misheard us. There is no 6 month waiting list. In order to make the study scientifically valid we need two groups. One group gets immediate treatment. The other group is asked to wait for 2 months (so that we can record what your symptoms do naturally) and then all people in this second group get 4 months of free treatment.

In this way everyone gets real acupuncture (there is no placebo treatment) and everyone gets at least 4 months of treatment.

Best to you.


Unknown said...

Good to know the alternative medicine such as acupuncture is working to cure some illness. while reading the study i have feel very happy...

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